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Arthroscopic Bankart Repair for Shoulder Dislocation

  • A dislocated shoulder is a common injury and requires urgent treatment to put back (reduce)
  • After the shoulder is put back, a person may experience instability in the joint or even repeated dislocations
  • This happens because the cartilage in the joint which helps to keep the shoulder in place is torn during the dislocation (Bankart lesion)
  • In some instances, there may be damage to the underlying bone as well (bony Bankart lesion)
  • With time, repeated dislocations can result in painful arthritis
  • Surgery (Bankart repair) is usually recommended to fix the cartilage tear to prevent this from happening
  • A Bankart repair is performed arthroscopically (“keyhole” or minimally invasive surgery) – this is associated with a faster recovery time and minimal scarring
  • The cartilage tear is fixed with strong sutures anchored to the underlying bone
  • After a Bankart repair an arm sling is worn and physiotherapy is necessary to restore movement and strength