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Total Knee Replacement

  • The main indication for a total knee replacement (TKR) is pain caused by arthritis
  • Arthritis can be caused by “wear and tear”, an inflammatory condition or a previous injury
  • Commonly there is the steady development of pain on the sides of the knee, especially pain on the inner side of the knee. There may also be progressive deformity, and periods o f knee swelling
  • A TKR is performed when non-operative measures have not been effective
  • The operation is usually performed under a spinal anaesthetic
  • The procedure involves removal of the worn cartilage from the bones in the knee (femur and tibia). This is replaced with metal components and a specialized plastic spacer
  • Special precautions are taken to minimize the risks of infection and blood clots (DVT or deep vein thrombosis)
  • It is usual to stay in hospital for a few days to ensure good pain control and for rehabilitation (physiotherapy)