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Patients say the darndest things…

No-one likes to be told their work could be improved, much less myself. I suspect most surgeons think of themselves as perfectionists. We admit to “being a bit OCD”, all in the name of achieving the best result possible. Whatever miracles we may perform under the skin, it is the scar by which we are judged. We don’t always get it right. And every so often, a patient will let you know in his or her own unique way…

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Performing surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition affecting the handSurgery for carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the commonest orthopaedic procedures. The most common presentation is altered sensation or pins and needles in the fingers. Usually the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers are involved. One or all the fingers may be affected. The symptoms are usually worse night. Often the patient is woken from sleep and needs to shake his or her hand to get rid of the symptoms…

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